News | September 8, 2022

Euclid Introduces New Synthetic Microfiber For Concrete Reinforcement

Cleveland, OH /PRNewswire/ - Euclid Chemical, a leading manufacturer of concrete and masonry construction products, introduces PSI Fiberstrand REPREVE 225, an innovative new synthetic microfiber for concrete reinforcement that offers unique sustainability benefits.

Euclid partnered with Unifi—maker of REPREVE, the world's number-one branded recycled fiber—to develop this new product for its PSI Fiberstrand line of synthetic microfibers. With a low environmental impact, PSI Fiberstrand REPREVE 225 is a fine denier monofilament synthetic microfiber that is manufactured using resourced polyester material from plastic bottles. In fact, for every pound of PSI Fiberstrand REPREVE 225 that is used to reinforce concrete, nearly 10 plastic bottles are diverted from landfills.

Typically used at a dosage rate of 0.5 lb/yd³ (0.3 kg/m³), these microfibers are designed to significantly reduce the formation of plastic shrinkage cracking and spalling in concrete, as well as minimize segregation and bleed water. They also enhance the durability of concrete surfaces, improving their fire, impact and abrasion resistance.

PSI Fiberstrand REPREVE 225 can be easily added to a concrete mixture at any time prior to placement. It is ideal for a variety of applications, including pavements, slabs-on-grade, overlays and toppings, wall systems, foundations, shotcrete, precast and prestressed structures, composite steel decks and decorative concrete.

Available in a ¼" (6 mm) length, PSI Fiberstrand REPREVE 225 microfibers comply with ASTM C1116, ASTM D7508 and applicable portions of the International Code Council's (ICC) Acceptance Criteria AC32 for synthetic fibers.

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