News | September 9, 2008

Epilog Laser Launches World's First Open-Architecture Galvo Laser System At IMTS

GOLDEN, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Epilog Laser, the leading producer of CO2 and fiber laser engraving/cutting systems, today announced the launch of the industry's first open-architecture galvo laser system, the FiberMark G1.

"The G1 is the first system of its kind that allows users to work with virtually any Windows®-based software," said Bob Henry, product manager for the FiberMark G1. "Manufacturers don't have to purchase and learn proprietary software, and because the equipment is so intuitive to the user, they save time and money because there's no extensive software training involved."

Boasting lightning-fast speeds, precise marks and a user-friendly interface, the FiberMark G1 can be utilized in industries across the board.

"Aerospace, automotive, medical device manufacturing – these are just a few industries that can benefit from the powerful capabilities of the G1," Henry said. "Regardless of industry, manufacturing regulations are getting more stringent. Companies need to mark each part, each piece, and each component, no matter how small. The G1 allows them to do so - quickly, easily and with excellent results."

Created to help manufacturers improve identification processes, improve quality control and increase traceability, the FiberMark G1 can mark nearly any metal material including titanium, steel, aluminum, brass and more. The equipment is also capable of marking some engineered plastics.

The FiberMark G1 features a 4.5 inch by 4.5 inch engraving area, 1200 dpi engraving resolution and is available in 10, 20 or 30 watts. The equipment will be available for purchase in Q1 2009.

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About Epilog Laser
Since 1988, Epilog Laser has been designing and manufacturing flying optics based CO2 and fiber laser systems that can engrave and cut wood, acrylic, plastic, fabric, rubber and many other materials. Epilog specializes in developing laser systems that create unprecedented marking and cutting quality on all types of products. The company produces versatile and reliable systems that are affordable and easy to use. For more information, visit

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