News | June 21, 2023

Envision Plastics Expands EcoPrime® Manufacturing Capacity

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) - Envision Plastics announced today a major investment to increase its capacity to manufacture its EcoPrime® product line. This multimillion-dollar expansion will increase capacity for current and new customers by 50 percent and furthers Envision’s commitment to being a market leader in fit-for-food contact Polyethylene Post Consumer Resin (PE PCR).

EcoPrime® is Envision’s FDA-authorized, curbside-collected, recycled HDPE post-consumer resin that is fit for direct contact with food and beverages up to 100% PCR content. The EcoPrime® product has earned letters of no-objection (LNO) from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Health Canada and can be used in direct food contact in a wide range of applications including rigid bottles, caps and closures, and blown film, for a variety of industries including dairy, water, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, and others.

“With this expansion, we are increasing the amount of EcoPrime® product by 50%. This is significant growth and supports our goal of leading the industry as the preferred supplier of fit-for-food contact HDPE PCR,” said Roberto Fontanillas, Vice President/General Manager, Envision Plastics. “We have been bringing unique solutions to the market since we started in 2001, including EcoPrime®, Prisma®, OceanBound, and fit-for-food contact polypropylene PCR. As we continue to expand, we can better support the growing need to meet legislative requirements, sustainability commitments, and consumer demands for PCR.”

With more than 15 years of commercial experience producing EcoPrime®, Envision currently has EcoPrime® capacity and capability in plants located on both coasts, one in Reidsville, North Carolina, and one in Chino, California. This expansion will also allow for the growth of the company's fit-for-food contact Polypropylene PCR business, for which Envision has also received LNOs from the FDA and Health Canada.

“This expansion of our market-leading solution, EcoPrime®, is made possible by our customers with long term contractual commitments who enjoy the peace of mind of security of supply. We are grateful to these customers and proud to be able to continue to service those commitments as we also take on new customers and continue to make investments to meet demand and ultimately help our customers and the industry achieve sustainability goals,” said Fontanillas.

About Envision Plastics
Envision Plastics was established in 2001. Since then, Envision has produced over 1.8 billion pounds of recycled resin. In June 2014, Envision was acquired by Altium Packaging (formerly Consolidated Container Company) and continues to operate as a separate division of Altium. Envision has achieved unrivaled product innovation with flagship products EcoPrime®, PRISMA®, OceanBound Plastic and Deodorized Resin™. Envision Plastics is committed to delivering innovative, sustainable, and reliable post-consumer resin solutions that meet and exceed the needs of retailers, consumers, brand-owners, and packaging customers.

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