Data Analysis Consulting

Our consulting services help you unlock value within your business and can quickly provide significant returns on your investment. We focus on providing insights, answers and advice that can be immediately applied to your operations to drive revenue or reduce costs.

At CAMO Software, we appreciate that no two organizations are the same, so in addition to deep scientific and data analysis expertise, our consultants have senior experience from a broad cross-section of industries. This allows them to translate your requirements into actionable business insights and recommendations.

We consult on a variety of projects, lasting from a few days to many months. When you work with CAMO Software, you get full tranparency over the expected costs and timelines for the project. In addition to a detailed quotation, we provide you with a fully documented workflow and project plan.

Examples of consulting projects:

  • We helped a global bio-pharma manufacturer to meet regulatory requirements and save over $1M p.a. on one of their high value product lines by using non-destructive testing. Multivariate models developed with The Unscrambler were used to provide complete quality assurance and ensure they complied with regulations.
  • We worked with an Asia Pacific plastics manufacturer to minimize the amount of energy used in their production process thereby saving them over 1 million dollars per year
  • We worked with a European food and drink maker to identify an unmet niche for an alcoholic beverage and map desired product attributes with the consumer preferences for that niche, resulting in the development of a new product that is still in production today.

CAMO Software offers consulting in the following areas:

  • General data analysis, Data Mining and Business Intelligence
  • Advice on process development, optimization & control/fault detection
  • Advice on Design of Experiments, Quality by Design and PAT initiatives
  • Chemometric analysis of raw material and classification
  • Advice on selecting, implementing and calibrating scientific instruments to your specific needs
  • Custom solution development