News | June 11, 2024

CompuCycle Expands Plastics Recycling Capabilities

Houston, TX (BUSINESS WIRE) - CompuCycle, the leader in sustainable IT asset recycling, announces the expansion of its Plastics Recycling System, establishing it as the first and only certified, single solution e-waste recycling company in the United States. Effective immediately, CompuCycle can process e-waste plastics down to single polymers making them suitable for reuse in the manufacturing process and resulting in an environmentally sustainable, closed-loop system.

CompuCycle is now the only company in the United States that provides businesses a responsible and sustainable recycling solution for both metals and plastics in-house, in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency’s two accredited certification standards, e-Stewards and R2 certification requirements, utilizing no further downstreams.

“Properly managing all components of electronics is a cornerstone of sustainability and environmental responsibility,” said Kelly Adels Hess, chief executive officer, CompuCycle. “Making single polymer plastics that original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can reuse to produce new electronics or other products, while adhering to international recycling standards, is a gamechanger for domestic companies and those that need their plastics shipped globally.”

According to a 2022 report from the Organisation for Co-Operation and Economic Development, 72% of plastics end up in landfills or the environment. Only 9% of plastic ever produced has been recycled, and 19% has been incinerated. This significant addition to CompuCycle’s Plastics Recycling Program will dramatically reduce e-waste and helps maintain a circular economy that minimizes reliance on finite resources. It also aids in supporting OEM sustainability goals and serves as a best practice in e-waste recycling.

“We saw an opportunity to solve an industry challenge by creating the first domestic, sustainable, single-solution e-waste plastics program that reduces the amount of plastic negatively impacting the environment, while also making it advantageous for companies to recycle and reuse. It’s truly a win for everyone involved,” said Clive Hess, president, CompuCycle.

About CompuCycle
CompuCycle, an e-Stewards certified and woman-owned company, has been an industry leader in IT asset management for companies for more than 25 years. We handle all refurbishment and destruction processes in-house, ensuring complete control over the secure recycling and repurposing of end-of-life IT assets. Our services include refurbishing equipment for resale, secure physical data destruction via hard drive shredding and e-waste plastics recycling. We handle all processing in-house with a commitment to no downstream outsourcing. We prioritize transparency, trustworthiness, responsibility and sustainability in every aspect of our operations.

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