Brochure | September 1, 2010

Brochure: ColorFlex EZ Spectrophotometer

Source: HunterLab - Measure Color...Measure Quality

HunterLab's next generation Color Flex EZ spectrophotometer takes color quality control to its highest level with 45/0 design for the ultimate in color measurement preciseness. Combining versatility, simplicity and performance, the ColorFlex EZ reflects almost 60 years of color measurement innovation in one easy-to-use, compact instrument from the world's most trusted leader in color quality.

The ColorFlex EZ's 45/0 design is the optimal instrument design for achieving color quality perfection. It is the only instrument design in the industry that "sees" your samples the way the human eye does.

That means you see your colors exactly the way your customers do giving you unsurpassed confidence and trust in your outcomes.