Datasheet | August 25, 2010

Datasheet: Color iQC Taper Option

Source: X-Rite, Inc.

Color iQC Taper Option is a color sequencing program that allows you to use CIELab data (representing rolls of fabric) and then place that data into a sequence (taper) such that color differences between adjacent rolls are minimized. This reduces the possibility of creating shaded products.

A feature, known as Adaptive Clustering™, can be used in Color iQC software. Adaptive Clustering™ enables a manufacturer to group pieces into clusters of acceptable color differences, according to production variation observed over time. The system can further minimize color variation by sequencing (tapering) within each cluster. The manufacturer can then use this information to aid in finding problems in production and to tailor shipments according to particular customer needs.

In addition to the Adaptive Clustering feature, a 3-D representation of color space allows the user to plot each sample. This 3-D graph can be rotated in either direction, along any of its three axes, as well as zoomed in or out. Ellipses representing both the standard tolerance and the average tolerance can be displayed, in either solid, transparent, or wire form.