News | March 2, 2022

CNLINKO's New Product High Waterproof Rated YM Series Plastic Circular Industrial Connectors

Shenzhen And Guangzhou /PRNewswire/ - CNLINKO is an advanced manufacturing company with business all over the world, committed to providing global customers with more advanced, more efficient, high-safety, and cost-optimized connection solutions and technical support. Recently, they have expanded the best-selling product YM series industrial waterproof connectors and launched a new product series of YM24 version, which covers all types of power, signal and data connectors, and will achieve more comprehensive coverage in the scope of application and fields, satisfying users with a one-stop solution to diversified connection needs.

The YM24 series industrial connector has passed IEC61984 and UL1977/2238/1863 certification standards, covering all types of PIN, signal RJ45, optical fiber, data USB, HDMI, etc., and can meet users' various requirements in equipment and systems, such as power supply, signal and data connection, etc., reducing the user's choice cost and time cost. On its main body, YM24 connectors adopt all-plastic shell design with PBT material, which significantly improves its ability to cope with the salt spray corrosive environment, while reducing the weight of itself, making the entire product light and strong and durable; YM24 series adopts a spring-type rotary locking connection design in its connection method, precise occlusion, firm locking, no worries about external impact or vibration; The YM24 series connectors also adopt contact gold plating process on its inner core, which has high corrosion resistance and conductivity, and is effective in coping with temperature rise changes caused by current.

YM24 series industrial waterproof connectors have got widespread market's attention once they came out, due to their more comprehensive types, higher cost performance, high water resistance, high corrosion resistance, strong vibration and impact resistance, strong durability, light weight and flexibility. It provides cost-effective connection solutions and technical applications with high performance, high reliability, and high security for a wide range of fields such as landscape lights, marine equipment, new energy, testing equipment, automation equipment, medical equipment, security equipment, LED displays, electronic equipment, intelligent transportation, and the Internet of Things. And CNLINKO provides global customers with more advanced, more efficient, high-safety, and cost-optimized connection solutions and technical support.

CNLINKO, founded in 2004, is an advanced global manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service of industrial waterproof connectors. We fully reinforced in R&D, and dozens of senior R&D teams. At present, we have won more than 70 patented technologies, and the products have obtained many international authoritative certifications such as UL, TUV, CE, CQC, ROSH, etc. The series of products have won the German Red Dot Design Award; the company has strong production and manufacturing capabilities and advanced intelligent manufacturing level. And we have a professional production plant of over 10,000 square meters, hundreds of advanced production and processing equipment, and an annual production capacity of 10 million + sets, and maintain a strong growth trend; Our company has built an industry-leading professional testing laboratory, which has obtained a number of authorized witness laboratory certificates such as UL and TUV, and has the professional level to escort the company's product quality. In a word, CNLINKO Electric's products are guaranteed throughout the whole process from source design to landing molding, to after-sales service, ensuring that every product delivered to users is worthy of trust and trust.

In the future, CNLINKO Electric will continue to promote and intensify scientific and technological research and development and quality assurance, and promote the international development strategy by CNLINKO's global sales network, and continue to provide satisfactory products and high-quality services to 30,000+ corporate customers around the world.

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