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Circularix And Republic Services Collaborate To Advance Circular Economy With Recycled PET Supply Agreement

Los Angeles CA /PRNewswire/ - Circularix, a pioneering manufacturer in the recycled plastics industry, today announced a supply agreement with Republic Services, a leader in the environmental services industry, aimed at advancing the circularity of recycled PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate). This agreement represents a significant step toward promoting sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint and environmental impact of plastics in consumer packaging and other applications.

Circularix, in operation at its new Hatfield, Pa., plant with a second coming online in 1H 2024 in Ocala, Fl., has committed to sourcing a portion of its post-consumer PET flake from Republic Services' Polymer Centers. The agreement comes at a time when beverage brands and CPG companies are gearing up for mandates and commitments to increase use of recycled materials.

Both companies are dedicated to the principles of a circular economy, ensuring that materials are continually recycled and reused, reducing the need for new resources and minimizing waste. The agreement represents true circularity, with domestically generated PET waste transformed back into food grade recycled PET for domestic use.

Leon Farahnik, CEO of Circularix, expressed his enthusiasm for the agreement. "We are committed to sustainable practices and are excited to collaborate with Republic Services to accelerate the buildup of domestic recycling capabilities," Farahnik said. "This agreement aligns with our environmental goals and our dedication to providing beverage brands and CPG companies the material needed to make good on their sustainability commitments."

"Through our Polymer Center network, we're helping customers achieve their ambitious recycled content goals by producing high-quality recycled plastics for use in sustainable packaging," said Pete Keller, Republic Services vice president of recycling and sustainability. "Our agreement with Circularix will promote true plastics circularity, enabling a PET bottle to be recycled into a new PET bottle."

This agreement represents a proactive response to the growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions and sets an example for the industry as a whole. By collaborating to advance the circularity of recycled PET, Circularix and Republic Services are driving positive change and environmental progress.

About Circularix: Circularix is committed to providing a technologically advanced, and economically viable alternative to hydrocarbon-based virgin polymers. Founded by Leon Farahnik, Circularix is an innovator in the circular economy by developing and expanding the market for food grade recycled materials. For more information, please visit

About Republic Services: Republic Services, Inc. is a leader in the environmental services industry. Through its subsidiaries, the Company provides customers with the most complete set of products and services, including recycling, solid waste, special waste, hazardous waste and field services. Republic's industry-leading commitments to advance circularity and support decarbonization are helping deliver on its vision to partner with customers to create a more sustainable world. For more information, please visit

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