News | August 23, 2007

Ciba Launches New Series Of Innovative Stylings For Plastics

Basel, Switzerland — Ciba has launched a series of ten novel color stylings for plastics to extend its already extensive XYMARA™ range. Focusing strongly on the bronze, gold and copper tones forecast to make an appearance in 2008 and 2009, the new range also features a number of other attractive shades, including a deep chocolate brown, juicy berry tones, an iridescent blue green and an electric aqua green.

"The new stylings are designed to enhance both objects and design," said Marc Dumont, Global Head of Marketing, Business Line Plastics. "The effects can be varied from totally transparent to fully opaque. And they all sparkle with gold – some in two tones, some in tiny sprinkles and others in glossy liquid flow."

The new colors and technology for plastics are suitable for a very wide variety of end uses, including cosmetics packaging, household items, design accessories, and car exterior and interior trim.

Ciba offers its customers extensive expertise not only in the formulation and manufacture of recipes, but also in anticipation of and preparation for the latest color and effect trends. The company provides support throughout the color chain, from additives and base coloration to special effects, helping customers consistently to obtain the results they require.