P-Series Receiver: Check-Weighing System

Source: Coperion K-Tron

ktron checkweigher

The P-Series allows each batch to be "check-weighted" before processing.

The P-Series Receiver is a check-weighing system that is mouted on load cells. The P-Series Receiver allows each batch to be "check-weighted" before processing, minimizing material waste and "off-spec" products. The P-Series Receiver's electropolished stainless steel construction and finish accommodates the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

P-Series Receiver Features:

  • Conveying rates up to 8800 lb/hr
  • Accommodates smaller batches
  • Steep cone angles to ensure excellent discharge
  • All interior welds are ground smooth or flush
  • Tri clover quick release fittings and band clamps for quick disassembly
  • Gate valves allow the batch to be dumped on demand.
  • Reverse jet polyester cartridge filters
  • Recipe, formula and inventory capabilities
  • FDA approved elastomers and sealing materials