Datasheet | December 19, 2010

Center Flow Magnets

Our Bunting® Center-Flow Magnets are designed to handle materials that are non-abrasive or not subject to damage by impact. It can be installed easily in any position or angle with factory supplied compression couplings. This product is ideal for use in dilute-phase pneumatic conveyor systems.

The Center-Flow magnet can be installed in vertical or horizontal piping. Factors such as line size and pressure, product characteristics, and ease of cleaning should be taken into consideration when selecting placement.

The magnetic cartridge of the Center-Flow Magnet has a tapered, exposed-pole design with a stainless steel “nose cone” to direct the flow of material around the magnet. The exposed poles provide superior holding force. In addition, the poles are tapered to provide a static recess area where small metal fines can collect and hide out of the air stream to avoid wipe-off. The trailing end of the magnetic cartridge is an active pole, and any tramp metal that might be swept down will be collected on the “protected” end of the magnetic cartridge.