News | March 14, 2017

BioSphere Plastic Announces Major Biodegradable Plastic Breakthroughs With Several Groundbreaking ASTM D5511 Test Results


Today, BioSphere Plastic, a leader in the development of technology for use within the specialized biodegradable plastic additive marketplace, has confirmed that multiple ASTM D5511 test results have been accomplished with products using its proprietary additive. When put in polymers such as PP, PE, PS, and PET, the additive quickly accelerates the transformation process for plastic to biodegrade in anaerobic and aerobic environments. ASTM International is a trusted world authority with over 30,000 members and 12,000 ASTM standards operating globally.

From its global headquarters in Portland, Oregon, the advanced technology-centric company has established a fine track record within the international landfill and biodegradable plastic sectors. Now, it is bringing this information to the wider public. Specifically, the ASTM D5511 test measures the off gasses in a simulated landfill environment to determine the anaerobic biodegradation of a product.

“We have the fastest biodegradable plastic additive available in the marketplace and this is what makes us stand out internationally,” asserted Robert Huegli, President, BioSphere Plastic. “Detailed test reports have documented the results we’ve achieved and we’re also delighted to announce that many of our customers have been presented with distinguished awards for innovation for using our revolutionary additive. It’s an extraordinary feeling for our privately held company to be accomplishing wonderful things on the international stage. Finding new ways to protect our environment is key.”

With representatives on the ground in 30 countries worldwide, BioSphere Plastic continues to work with large-scale compound manufacturers to produce its product in the United States and Europe. Its target market is retailers and manufacturers of plastic products and its additive is currently in use across 120 nations.

About BioSphere Plastic:

Since 2012, BioSphere Plastic has been a global market leader and innovator with its world-class biodegradable plastic additive. The company’s mission is to provide a robust solution to the negative impact of plastic on the planet. This is why we are proud to state that our motto is “Changing the Way of Life.” To discover the future of advances in biodegradable plastic additives today visit our website: - Biodegradable Plastic

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