News | August 23, 2007

Beaumont Technologies To Introduce Melt Management Technologies For Molders And Mold Makers At K-Show

Erie, PA — Beaumont Technology, Inc., will be introducing to the European market for the first time through trade shows exhibits, its MeltFlipper® and MAX™ (multi-axis) technologies along with a sneak preview of BTI's upcoming in-mold adjustable rheological control systems (iMARC™). The company will be highlighting these technologies at their K Show booth/stand B59-8 at the North American Pavilion, Building #13.

BTI is the world's pioneer in melt-management technology solutions for the plastics injection molding industry. With over 370 customers worldwide, BTI is revolutionizing the way parts are molded around the globe. BTI is so confident in their solutions that the technologies come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

BTI's MeltFlipper and MAX technologies provide IM processors the ability to balance mold filling and alter filling patterns within specific cavities to eliminate waste and part quality issues...even within a single cavity mold. Additionally, the technologies have proven to solve other common molding issues such as core-deflection, warp, weak weld-lines, color uniformity and cosmetic problems.

The iMARC systems are based on MeltFlipper and MAX technologies, but add the ability to dynamically adjust the melt flow form the parting line of the tool. Of significance is being able to accomplish this without the need to change gate locations, part geometry or process conditions, much less remove the mold from the press. The bottom line, according to company officials, this revolutionary molding technology will enable processors to better control and take advantage of rheological changes that occur naturally as the material flows.

Beaumont Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Erie, PA, offers a unique mix of products designed to optimize the efficiencies of the mold, parts, and the injection molding process. These products and services are tools that help the injection molding industry become more competitive and profitable in world markets. The company's expertise lies within an in-depth understanding of polymer flow and processing technologies which enable molders and moldmakers to decrease lead-times while maintaining a high quality level of process and part control. Products include the patented MeltFlipper® melt rotation technology guaranteed to balance filling in hot and cold runner applications, the 5 Step Process™ mold commissioning software, CAE by BTI™ flow analysis services, and BTI Training™ Seminars.

SOURCE: Beaumont Technology, Inc