News | August 23, 2007

Bayer MaterialScience Creates New Line Of Colors And Special Effects For Thermoplastic Part Design

Pittsburgh, PA — After scanning the horizon for the latest and greatest looks in colors and special effects, Bayer MaterialScience LLC (BMS) has crafted an exciting new set of LEDA compounded color technology effects. The new LEDA effects were developed at the BMS Color Competence and Design Center in Newark, Ohio, and are designed to complement BMS' Makrolon polycarbonate.

Keeping with recent technology-driven trends in color design, three new techno-type ASTER metal flake effects show the innovative potential of LEDA compounded color technology to provide high-tech finishes for a variety of applications. These new color effects are:

  • Area 51 - This is a color-shifting dark metallic color that morphs as the viewer moves around it. The dark, nickel-like hue of Area 51 features flashes of greens, golds and purples that pop out of the metallic color, giving it an alien appeal.
  • Cadet - A lustrous metallic gunmetal with a cold blue edge, Cadet represents a chromatic evolution of dark metallic colors.
  • Iguana - Iguana is a green that hovers on the edge of gray. A special effect additive allows Iguana's metallic-appearance particles to flash and grab the attention of the observer.
  • Color trends are indicating that metallic colors are getting darker, yet at the same time they are becoming more chromatic through the addition of subtle, and sometimes not-so-subtle, coloration," said John Skabardonis, Fantasia Color Technologies Manager, BMS LLC.
BMS also has designed six additional colors that keep in step with the hottest industry trends while appealing to a nearly endless spectrum of applications. These new colors are:
  • Goji Berry - an Asian-inspired take on the red color palette in a muted tone;
  • Grotto - a very dark blue color;
  • Stilettos - a rich red color that - with Makrolon polycarbonate - takes on a red lacquer or patent leather-like gloss;
  • Tickle - a very light and feminine powdery pink;
  • Torte - a dark, chocolate brown; and
  • Traffic - yellow with a tinge of orange, reminiscent of traffic lines painted on roadways.
These nine new LEDA compounded color technology effects further expand the palette of BMS' Fantasia color and special effect technology offerings. With the recent opening of BMS' new Design Center at the Newark Color Competence Center, customers have the ability to transform the LEDA compounded color technology effects into their perfect vision of color.

"These latest additions to the spectrum of colors from LEDA molded-in color technology are a direct response to the edgy, innovative options designers demand for their products," said Skabardonis. "However, this is just the starting point for these colors. Our goal is to help our customers visualize their unique color, and we can, and do, customize these effects to suit our customers' requirements, applications and needs."

Color Your World with Fantasia Color and Special Effect Technologies
Fantasia color technologies are the industry's most complete, one-stop solution for color and special effects. To meet customers' wide range of design, processing and cost parameters, there are five separate technologies:

  • AURA® color infusion technology - Color parts after they are molded/formed
  • LEDA® compounded color technology - Molded-in color for BMS resins
  • IMAGIO® coatings technology - High quality see and feel coatings
  • FARIA® film insert molding (FIM) technology - Superior graphics and decoration options
  • MILENA® color concentrate technology - Color for niche applications such as optical data storage media (CDs, DVDs, CD-Rs)
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SOURCE: Bayer MaterialScience LLC