News | December 21, 2017

ATRP Solutions, Inc. Renamed Pilot Polymer Technologies, Inc.


ATRP Solutions, Inc., a subsidiary of Pilot Chemical Company, is now Pilot Polymer Technologies, Inc. (PPT). The new name better reflects PPT’s broadening proprietary technologies in important chemical markets.  

“Our name change shows Pilot Chemical’s commitment to growth and innovation in the specialty polymer market,” said Patrick McCarthy, president of Pilot Polymer Technologies. “It is great to be part of a company with the leadership, vision and resources to support such an entrepreneurial initiative.”

Pilot Chemical acquired the Pittsburgh-based ATRP Solutions in July 2017 to expand its footprint in the oil field chemicals, lubricant additives and paints and coatings markets.

“The new name better aligns ATRP Solutions with the Pilot brand and demonstrates Pilot Chemical’s confidence in Pilot Polymer Technologies to develop products and build its business,” said Pamela Butcher, president and CEO of Pilot Chemical.

PPT’s lab and team of research scientists will remain in Pittsburgh.

Pilot Polymer Technologies, Inc. (formerly ATRP Solutions, Inc.) is Pilot Chemical Company’s Pittsburgh, Pa. based specialty polymer technology subsidiary. Prior to being acquired by Pilot Chemical, the company had been in business for ten years and spun out of Carnegie Mellon University. Pilot Polymer Technologies (PPT) utilizes controlled radical polymerization (CRP) in its fully operational synthetic chemistry research facility and has developed a new class of proprietary rheology modifiers for oil field and cosmetic markets. PPT has developed an extensive patent portfolio with 21 granted patents and has 55 patent applications pending. These patents protect its products’ compositions, uses and manufacturing processes.

Pilot Chemical Company is a privately owned and independent global specialty chemical company providing high quality products and services to the disinfecting, sanitizing and cleaning; metalworking and lubricants; oil field and emulsion polymerization industries. Its proprietary core technologies involve alkylation, sulfonation, sulfation and a number of other specialty operations, including the production of biocidal quats, tertiary amine derivatives, polymers and organometallic fuel additives. Pilot, an industry leader in chemical innovation and safety, owns the most state-of-the-art continuous sulfation process in North America, is a leader in quaternary ammonium compounds, and is the world’s largest manufacturer of disulfonates. Pilot is certified under the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care® program. Pilot Chemical Company is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. For more information, visit .

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