Company Profile | August 17, 2000

AES (Advanced Elastomer Systems, L.P.)

Source: AES (Advanced Elastomer Systems, L.P.)
AES (Advanced Elastomer Systems, L.P.) At Advanced Elastomer Systems, we provide our customers around the world with expert design and technical solutions to their elastomeric needs. As the world's leading supplier of engineered thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs), we offer more than the high-quality materials we deliver.

Our customers know they have a supplier with whom they can work in tandem from concept to final parts. Initially, sales personnel work to understand the parameters of each project. Then, as the project unfolds, we call upon experts from every discipline to offer product development and design support, technical assistance and manufacturing advice. In addition, we can draw upon our experience to help solve customers' new-product marketing challenges.

As a team member, we can help you gain long-lasting competitive advantages.