White Paper

A Guide To Plastics Color Measurement

Source: X-Rite, Inc.

The more discriminating consumers become about color, the greater the need for a means of measuring and describing color that eliminates individual human color bias.

For over two decades, X-Rite has been a world leader in the development and application of color measurement products providing accurate, predictable and consistent color data. These X-Rite products help you manufacture and formulate colors more efficiently and economically and keep color quality under control.

X-Rite color measurement instruments and software are easyto- use solutions designed to serve the color measurement needs of a  broad range of industries and markets, including plastics processors, molders, extruders, resin manufacturers and consumers.

From color formulating to quality control, X-Rite color measurement products make it possible for manufacturers around the world to ensure that even their most demanding color quality standards are met.