News | January 6, 2009

500 Cu Ft Ribbon Blenders Offered By Ross


Charles Ross & Son Company has announced the recent shipment of its 45th - 515 cu.ft. Ribbon Blender.

Ross is a leading worldwide manufacturer of specialty mixers and blenders with the capability to manufacture in the United States, China and India. Ribbon Blenders are typically used for dry product blending and drying applications.

The unit shown is a 515 cu. ft. working capacity model constructed in stainless steel. This blender is driven by a 200 HP drive and includes a jacket for heating or cooling of the product. The blender is also designed for internal pressure operation.

Ross builds a large range of sizes from ½ to 515 cu. ft. capacity. The entire line is offered with special features such as vacuum construction, special discharge valves, cover designed to a customers requirements, sanitary finishes and more. Units are available for testing in the Ross Test and Development Center or for Trial Rentals prior to purchase.

For further information contact Warren Ang – Product Manager at or call 1-800-243-ROSS.

SOURCE: Charles Ross and Son Company