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  1. Bayer Polyurethane Products And Long Fiber Technology Yield A Large, Lightweight, Complex Part With High-Gloss Surface

    Since bringing the Long Fiber Technology (LFT) process to North America 14 years ago, Romeo RIM has continuously looked for opportunities to advance the technology and meet the evolving needs of the marketplace

  2. Exo-s Acquires A Mexico Plastic Injection And Blow Molder

    Exo-s announces the purchased of a blow and injection molder from the Serbre Group in San Juan del Rio, Queretaro, Mexico

  3. AFL Introduces Interconnect Premise MicroCore® Cables With SWR Technology

    AFL is launching Interconnect Premise MicroCorecable, a plenum-rated fiber optic cable designed for MTP® and MPO terminations. Using Spider Web Ribbon (SWR) technology, the outer diameter of this cable is minimized, enabling the most efficient use of space and materials

  4. BASF And Colorcon Cooperate On Kollicoat IR For Ready-To-Use Pharmaceutical Coating Solutions

    Colorcon, Inc. and BASF announce their cooperation for using immediate release coating polymer Kollicoat IR for Colorcon’s fully formulated ready-to-use coatings

  5. Hexcel To Build Carbon Fiber Plant In Roussillon, France

    Hexcel Corporation announced recently that it will expand its carbon fiber production capacity through the addition of new precursor and carbon fiber lines in Roussillon, France

  6. Adds New Laundry Organization Category To Its Product Selection

    Online retailer has recently expanded its product line, adding a new category of plastic laundry baskets and hampers

  7. Ashland Introduces Two Products For Premium Boatbuilders To Enhance Hull Appearance Through Depth Of Color And Functionality

    In the United States alone, manufacturers of recreational boats comprise a $6 billion industry. While the demand for new boats depends on growing consumer income, the profitability of individual companies is linked to manufacturing efficiencies and quality

  8. NatureWorks Teams Up With PE INTERNATIONAL To Revise Ingeo Biopolymer Eco Profile

    NatureWorks releases today the first findings of its updated eco profile for its naturally advanced family of Ingeo biopolymers

  9. Sierra Resins, Inc. Brings Two Bio-Concentrate Additives Into Production: bio-PET 14 And bio-Lene 14

    Sierra Resins has two new bio-concentrate additives as part of their Enviroble bioplastics Masterbatch portfolio – bio-PET 14 and bio-Lene 14

  10. Apex Plastics Expands Manufacturing Facility To Accommodate Future Growth

    Extrusion plastics blow molder, Apex Plastics, announced the opening of its newly remodeled and expanded manufacturing facility at 570 S. Main Street in Brookfield, Missouri

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