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  1. DuPont Announces Plans To Increase Packaging & Industrial Polymers Capacity

    As a leading supplier of high-performance materials to the packaging, automotive, industrial and consumer industries, DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers today announced its intent to continue to increase production capacity of its ethylene copolymers assets at its Texas manufacturing facilities to meet growing market demand

  2. Major Oilfield Services Provider Adds Arlon® 3000 XT To Global Spec

    Greene, Tweed announces that a major oilfield services provider has entered Arlon® 3000 XT, its newest polymer, into their global specification for use in HPHT (high-pressure, high-temperature) and other Oilfield applications. In the future, this means engineers working at the services provider will be able to incorporate Arlon 3000 XT in their designs. Developed specifically to withstand harsh environments, Arlon 3000 XT provides enhanced performance and greater component reliability over existing materials.

  3. Continental Structural Plastics Introduces TCA Ultra Lite

    Continental Structural Plastics (CSP), the global leader in lightweight composite solutions, recently introduced its Tough Class A (TCA) Ultra Lite, a 1.2 specific gravity (SPg) SMC formulation that provides engineers the ability to design with a lower specific gravity material without sacrificing mechanical properties, surface qualities and adhesion requirements

  4. Ube To Expand Polycarbonate Diol Production In Thailand

    Ube Industries, Ltd. recently announced that its Thai subsidiary, UBE Fine Chemicals (Asia) Co., Ltd., will open a production facility for polycarbonate diol (PCD) to meet rising global demand. The new facility is designed to manufacture 3,000 tonnes of PCD annually and is scheduled to start production in October 2015

  5. The World’s First Biocompatible And Non-Toxic Technology For Antibacterial Plastic Into Mass Production

    Parx Plastics is launching its first ready to use Saniconcentrates for manufacturers in Europe and the US to safely create self-sanitizing products with an antibacterial property of up to 99% within 24 hours*

  6. FAA Approves Polypropylene Pipe For Civilian Airport Water Collection And Disposal

    Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. (“ADS”), a leading global manufacturer of water management products and solutions for commercial, residential, infrastructure and agricultural applications, applauds the recent decision by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to approve polypropylene pipe for subsurface water collection and disposal at civilian airports

  7. High Density Liquids – Only Packed Safely With WERIT’s TOPline UN Certified IBC

    Maximum safety for the transport of hazardous goods: WERIT’s UN-certified TOPline IBC is the first Intermediate Bulk Container approved to handle densities that are well beyond standard. Almost all liquid goods with a density up to 2.4 are now packed securely including dyes, acids, varnishes, foodstuff, or other special solutions

  8. DSM Expands Dyneema Purity Fiber Portfolio With The Release Of Dyneema Purity Radiopaque Fiber

    DSM, a global leader in biomedical materials science and regenerative medicine, announced recently the launch of its Dyneema Purity Radiopaque fiber, the only radiopaque ultra-high-molecular-weight-polyethylene (UHMWPE) medical fiber in the world

  9. Ashland Launches Arotran™ 770 TLM Series Resins Enabling Production Of Lower-Density Class A SMC Parts

    A recent U.S. Energy Information Administration report confirms what most Americans may already believe ‒ our dependence on gasoline will likely continue to decrease for several reasons

  10. Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics Developed High-Dielectric Resin Contributing To The Downsizing Of The Mobile Terminal Antenna

    Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics Corporation has developed a high-dielectric resin with improved up to approximately eight relative permittivity.

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