• IDM-260 Barrel IDM-260 is recommended for aggressively corrosive materials such as fluoropolymers.

    IDM-260's superb resistance to chemical attack is a function of three factors:

    1. Nickel content is ext
  • Rubber Styrene Butadiene (SBR)

    Polybutadiene (PBD)
    Dow/Shell, Goodyear (HIPS)

    Nitrile (NBR)

    Polyisoprene (IR)/Butyl (IIR) Nizhnekamp, Tog

  • Material Testing To test short term feeding accuracies, sampling times as short as one second may be obtained. Sign up today for a material test...
  • AIM Series Temperature Control Module The AIM Series Temperature Control Module is a fully microprocessor-based, intelligent hot runner controller that has been designed to operate independently or with the companion ACM
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