• Unscrambler X Prediction Engine The Unscrambler X Prediction Engine allows you to run predictive models directly on your spectrometer or control system, using models generated off-line with The Unscrambler® X.
  • Plastics University D-M-E Company - in partnership with Ferris State University - has introduced the D-M-E Plastics University, a computer-based training program that assists users at their own pace in learning about pl
  • Procan CT Characteristics
    Procan CT, which also is microprocessor-based, features full color graphics with touch screen control. A Windows oriented user interface and additional comparators allow
  • Vertical Reject Metal Detector System Vertical Reject Metal Detectors are excellent for detection and removal of ferrous, nonferrous and stainless metal contaminants in gravity fed powder or granulated products.
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  • CAMO Software, Inc.

    CAMO Software is a pioneer and trusted market-leader in the field of Multivariate Analysis (MVA) and Design of Experiments (DoE) software. Our solutions are used by companies around the world to analyze data and monitor key processes in R&D, Manufacturing and Quality Control.

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