• Flex-Dura(R) Specially designed and built for the automotive and large part industries, Flex-Dura® hot runners have all the advantages of Dura®, in nozzle lengths to 800mm for deep draw cavity designs and
  • Display Color Analyzer: CA-210 The predecessor model, CA-110 LCD Color Analyzer, was introduced in 1991, when displays using LCD technology were just about to become available. Since then, LCD and TFT Displays have become the standard technology for Computer Displays as well as many other industries and thus substituting the CRT technology.
  • Material Testing To test short term feeding accuracies, sampling times as short as one second may be obtained. Sign up today for a material test...
  • Training Programs Niigata Engineering Training Programs
    • Maintenance Training - This class is designed with the novice in mind. Areas of the machine that are discussed in this class include, all
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