• Zapper PW20 The Zapper PW20 is a 2000 watt ultrasonic welder that is ideal for larger plastic parts. The Zapper PW20’s higher energy output also makes it suitable for high speed, high volume jobs, long linear w
  • M.A. Hanna Engineered Materials
    • A leading independent thermoplastic compounder providing material solutions to select markets.
    • Headquarters located in Norcross, Georgia with manufacturing locations loca
  • Medical Molding In recent years insert molding has become more popular in the manufacturing of medical devices because of its ability to replace less desirable processes such as heat staking and solvent bonding. Quality is also improved because precision mold
  • Granulator M 253-SW Portable, slow running granulator with steel coil feed, motor overload protection and visual alarm signal. Easy to maintain and quick to clean. Hinged construction allows easy accessibility to the cu
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