• Liquid Line Metal Detectors The E-Z Tec Narrow Profile Liquid Line Metal Detectors are used for viscous products such as liquids, slurries, syrups, pastes and many other pumped products.
  • Data Analysis Consulting Our consulting services help you unlock value within your business and can quickly provide significant returns on your investment.
  • Valve Gate Systems Our Direct-Flo Valve Gate Systems provide exact cavity fill using various methods of actuation. Our wide slection of standard bushings and standard actuators provide a custom system at a minimum cost
  • Non-Destructive Package Leak Testing Packaging Technologies & Inspection (PTI) is a leading manufacturer of inspection technologies for the pharmaceutical industry that are non-destructive, non-invasive, and require no sample preparation.
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  • CAMO Software, Inc.

    CAMO Software is a pioneer and trusted market-leader in the field of Multivariate Analysis (MVA) and Design of Experiments (DoE) software. Our solutions are used by companies around the world to analyze data and monitor key processes in R&D, Manufacturing and Quality Control.

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