• Pathfinder Controls Today's molders are looking for all the best in control technology: Controls that are easily understood, take an injection molding machine's performance to the next level, and provide a choice of cap
  • Core Cutters Cuts fiber board cores down to ¼” wide
  • First Strand Pelletizer In New Reduction™ Range Reduction Engineering, Inc. recently introduced a strand pelletizer of completely new design that provides safeguards against contamination of compound by stray pellets from previous production runs, makes string-up (manual loading) of strands simpler and faster than with conventional equipment, and enables compounders to use virtually any downstream equipment to take away or package pellets
  • TSWB TSWBTM is a proprietary, highly engineered, non-brominated fire-retardant additive. After extensive research and development TSWBTM
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