• 357 Gun Roving Reinforcement for Spray-Up Operations Description

    357 gun roving is a chopper gun roving manufactured globally with state-of-the-art equipment, innovative chemistry and a major committme

  • Urethane Mold Release Formulated specifically to release molded urethanes. Prevents sticking when you mold rigid, semi-rigid, and flexible urethanes.
    • Non-flammable, Non-CFC, colorless.
    • NOT paintable.
  • Cast-in Heaters: Plastics Processing Durex Industries is a leading manufacturer of cast-in electric heaters for the plastics processing industry
  • Granulator M 253-T Portable, slow running granulator with feed chute, motor overload protection and visual alarm signal. Easy to maintain and quick to clean. Hinged construction allows easy accessibility to the cutting
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